June 2020 Scripture Writing Plan

June 2020 scripture writing plan header

For those wondering what happened to the June scripture writing plan, there’s nothing wrong with your device 🙂  In my pursuit of transitioning from a wife and mom to a single widowed mom, I got behind on everything and didn’t get it posted to my blog. (sorry!) I did get … Continue reading

May 2020 Scripture Writing Plan – Freedom from Fear!

May 2020 Scripture writing plan header

UPDATE: May scripture writing plan day 1 should be JOHN 14:26-27, not 1 John 🙂 Sorry 🙂   Hello friends, I hope you all find this in time to begin tomorrow! I’ve been SO busy making and distributing masks for those in need of them during this Covid-19 pandemic I … Continue reading

April 2020 Scripture Writing Plan – Security

April 2020 Scripture writing plan header

Hello friends, First I want to apologize for not getting the April scripture writing plan posted. It wasnt’ my fault, honest! 🙂  I tried for DAYS and finally gave up till now when it’s time to get the May scripture writing plan up on the blog. Every time I tried … Continue reading

Doodle Challenge for March 2020 – March!

March 2020 Doodle challenge header

The March 2020 Doodle Challenge is now here 🙂 Better late than never, right? Life has really been hectic of late as I adjust to being a single mom.  But more on that in another post 🙂 Some of the items in this month’s doodle challenge may seem odd, but … Continue reading

March 2020 Scripture Writing Plan -Perseverence

March 2020 scripture writing plan

This month’s scripture writing plan is about perseverance.  I asked my Facebook group what plan topics they would like and perseverence was one of the most suggested. I think it’s timely, too as so many are struggling to stay with their New Year Resolutions and Lent just began today. In … Continue reading

February 2020 Scripture Writing Plan -Love

February 2020 scripture writing plan

Hi everyone! Time for a new scripture writing plan for us 🙂  I asked my Facebook group about the theme for this month and it seemed like love is still the topic for a February challenge. I got lots of other great ideas and I did make note of those … Continue reading

January 2020 Scripture Writing Plan -A New Start Done Right!

January 2020 scripture writing plan header

I hope you all are having an amazing holiday season! This is a difficult one for my son and I, being the first since losing my husband, but God has been SO amazingly good and faithful to us thorugh it all. I’m so thankful for friends and family for their … Continue reading

December 2019 Scripture Writing Plan -Prophecies Fulfilled by Christ’s First Coming

December 2019 scripture writing plan header

This month I decided to do a poll in my Facebook group, Christian Planner, Journal, and Craft Fellowship and allow them to choose the topic for this month’s scripture writing plan.  By very popular demand, the majority of them chose, “Prophecies Fulfilled by Christ’s First Coming”.  I think it’s perfect … Continue reading

November 2019 Scripture Writing Plan -Thankfulness

November 2019 scripture writing plan header

I’m so sorry I got this posted at nearly the last minute while it’s still October. This is probably the latest I’ve gotten a scripture writing plan posted and I hope you’ll forgive that.  The month of October really got away from me. You should see my calendar for this … Continue reading

October 2019 Scripture Writing Plan -God’s Goodness

October 2019 scripture writing plan header

My husband went to be with the Lord September 15th… So no small talk today…  I’m just too raw right now. I’ll post all about it one day and just know that I made a commitment to the Lord to at least get the scripture writing plan up every month, … Continue reading