April 2021 Scripture Writing Plan –God Hears Us

April 2021 Scripture Writing Plan Header

The theme for April’s scripture writing plan is “God Hears Us!” I think there are a lot of us that need reminded that He does indeed hear us when we go to Him. 2020 was so crazy and scary and 2021 so far hasn’t been a whole lot better; so … Continue reading

Doodle Challenge for March, 2021 –St Patricks Day and Journaling Supplies

Doodle Challenge for March 2021

Our doodle challenge for March, 2021.  This time the theme is St. Patrick’s Day and Journaling Supplies.  There should be something there for everyone 🙂 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Why do we doodle? Doodling simple things helps you to develop your drawing skills, which helps you increase your Bible art journaling skills. It … Continue reading

March 2021 Scripture Writing Plan –Strength

I apologize to those of you looking for the February 2021 scripture writing plan here on my blog. One of my moderators posted a scripture writing plan for me in my FB group for the group and I didn’t get it posted on my blogs. I really apologize for that. … Continue reading

Doodle Challenge for November 2020 -Thanksgiving

Click here to download the PDF version of the November, 2020 doodle challenge

I apologize for getting this up a little late (right on time, but not early).  I’ve been having some web site issues that show up as I’m blogging –the back side of the blog viewers don’t see.  I think I’ve gotten the bugs worked out, and I hope you are … Continue reading

November 2020 Scripture Writing Plan -Be Thankful

Click here to download November, 2020 Scripture Writing Plan

For November, the month of Thanksgiving, I think it’s important to remember to focus on giving thanks. It always is, of course, but in November it’s a good reminder to give the Lord thanks at all times, but also those we come into contact with who bless us, or through … Continue reading

Doodle Challenge for October 2020 -Harvest

October 2020 Doodle Challenge

The October 2020 Doodle Challenge (sorry I missed this last month). Our theme is Harvest. As a Christian, I avoid the classic “Halloween” type of themes, but we can be thankful to the Lord of the Harvest for all He’s blessed us with, and there’s plenty to celebrate.   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ … Continue reading

October 2020 Scripture Writing Plan -Attitude

October 2020 scripture writing plan header

Our October’s scripture writing plan theme is “Attitude”. Our attitudes cover pretty much every area of our lives. How do we convey our attitudes online, but an emoticon/emoji, right? I think we can learn a lot about our attitudes and how to align them to the Word of God. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ … Continue reading

September 2020 Scripture Writing Plan -Repentance

September 2020 scripture writing plan header

After some time with the Lord, I felt impressed to have our theme this month be Repentance.  I think with all the trials our world is going through right now and how quickly so much is casting a shadow on prophecy/end times events it’s a good idea for us to … Continue reading

Doodle Challenge for August 2020 -Back to School

August 2020 Doodle Challenge header

I just finished the Doodle Challenge for August. I decided to do “back to school” even though there is a lot of uncertainty about if and when, where. My son’s school is returning to normal though they have to wear masks. That’s the story for right now anyway. I thought … Continue reading

August 2020 Scripture Writing Plan -We Win!

August 2020 scripture writing plan header

Here’s the August, 2020 Scripture Writing plan 🙂 This month I chose “We Win!” as the theme. I think in light of all the discouragement surrounding this second wave of mask mandates due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we all can use the great reminder that this is not all there is, and … Continue reading