Prayer Request for My Husband’s Surgery on Friday

Prayer Request from Helen:

Ok, it’s time again to ask for an updated prayer request for my husband, Greg. Friday he will be having surgery at the Cleveland Clinic to remove all of his 4 parathyroid glands (but a tiny portion of one of them). We won’t know what time the surgery will be until they call us on Thursday. They have to cut into his neck to do it, it won’t be laparascopic. I offered to cut his throat for him to save some money, but he refused…that’s gratitude for ya! 🙂  But seriously…please pray for a successful outcome and for comfort for him in the duration. Thanks in advance!  I know there are a number of  prayer warrior readers of this blog 🙂

For some background:  Greg was on kidney dialysis for almost five years when he finally got a kidney transplant in 2011.  He’s had a number of complications arising since then, but the new kidney itself is doing just great (thank the Lord!). He’s had complications arising from having had kidney failure for so long and from the anti-rejection medications, as well as blood sugar problems (he is on insulin since the transplant).  The Lord has done great things in my family and I know His hand continues to remain upon us.  We have one child, a son who is ten years old and autistic (and the joy of my earthly life…so sweet and loving even though he can’t talk. I adore him!).  I know the Lord has a plan for it all and none of this takes Him by surprise. I’m grateful for much.

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