DIY Homemade Glimmer Mist Build Your Stash YouTube Video

DIY Glimmer Mist

Around the same time I made my DIY alcohol inks, I also made my own DIY glimmer mist.  It’s along the same method, but you add a clear glue to the bottle as well.  It adds a nice shimmer, glittery sparkle to your work, and who can’t use a little more sparkle in their lives? 🙂  It’s just the same 2-ounce spray bottles as in the alcohol ink video, alcohol, any clear-drying glue, and any loose eye shadow (I used LA Colors from Dollar Tree, but I just found a great assortment of it on Amazon for a great price here!)


Supplies I used:

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2-ounce spray bottles with caps


Mod Podge (or any type of clear-drying glue)

Loose eye shadow (I got mine at Dollar Tree, but you can get a great variety of it on Amazon here)


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