End of the Age Prophecy Updates for 8/28/16

End of the Age Prophecy Updates for 8/28

Hello everyone 🙂 I hope you all had a good week!  I was nursing a sick little boy all week and this is round THREE of this…whatever it is.  Over the course of the past six weeks or so, we’ve had him to the doctor four times with a high fever. Ugh!  Autism parenting is NOT for wimps!  He can’t speak to tell me what hurts and it’s really hard to guess at times. The mama bear that I am, my mind starts whirling with the, “What if it’s this…”, “Could it be that…”.  At this writing, his temperature was just 99.3 and he is eating much better.  His school started back last Wednesday and he hasn’t been able to go yet. He LOVES school so it’s been hard on him. I told him today he may be able to go back tomorrow and you should have heard him giggle 🙂  (I hope I didn’t speak too soon!)  I want him to feel better and be beyond this bug and I want him to go back to school as it’s good for him and he loves it.  I also hope to be able to get back to posting more often here on Calvary, Couponers, and Crafters and not having to be keeping an eye on him every second to make sure he isn’t wandering around outside will give me the liberty to have some time in my office/craft room.

I started working on this post last night and I thought I had saved it without posting it as it wasn’t ready yet, but I just came back to add the videos that weren’t posted till today and found that it had been posted.  I guess I had hit post out of force of habit 🙂  So for those who came to view this post and wondered what happened, that was it 🙂

First off – very important update from Major Amir Tsarfati. TURKEY INVADED SYRIA!:


Follow up:  Turkey’s defense minister demands Kurdish forces “move to the east of the Euphrates” as Turkish tanks enter Syria again Thursday

I had to post these first two videos because many of you know how much I love the ministry of Joel Rosenberg.  I just finished reading his latest book (and I own them all), The First Hostage. As usual with Joel’s book, I could hardly put it down 🙂  A good prophecy friend of mine shared this with me last night and I got all excited and had to share it with you too 🙂

Joel Rosenberg – “Walk With Jesus In These Last Days!”:

I highly encourage you to follow Joel C. Rosenberg through his blog by clicking  here or on the image right below.  Check his blog on a regular basis.  This guy knows his stuff. He has worked in both US and Israeli strategic positions and has an amazing knowledge of the Middle East and Bible Prophecy!

Joel C Rosenbergs Blog

Were The Jews Given The Promised Land | Joel Rosenberg 2016:

Pastor J.D. Farag:

(Prophecy Update starts around 11:13)


RealLife Jack Hibbs: “Israel, Islam & The West – Part 2″ (with Amir Tsarfati):

RealLife Jack Hibbs: “Israel, Islam & The West – Part 3″ (with Amir Tsarfati):

The Hal Lindsey Report 8/26/16:

Jack Van Impe Presents 8/27:

Prophecy in the News:  Dr. Kevin Clarkson:  “The Spirit of Lawlessness pt. 4”:

Prophecy Watchers (also Gary Stearman):Avi Lipkin: Middle East Update” (Aug. 26):

Paul McGuire: Prophecies for the Future of America


John Haller from Fellowship Bible Chapel, Columbus, Ohio Prophecy Update for 8/28/16, ““Buh-Bye Middle Ground”:

Calvary Melbourne Australia, Pastor Andrew Russell Midweek Prophecy Update August  24,GERMANY TELLS PEOPLE TO STOCKPILE FOOD”:

Calvary Melbourne Australia, Pastor Andrew Russell  Prophecy Update August  28, “Strong Earthquake in Israel”:



Israeli News Live (Steven Ben DeNoon): “Daniel The Prophet Saw Current Middle East Conflict”:

Obama Administration Provoking North Korea With Hopes of Conflict”:

“Will Pope Francis Declare “One World Religion” From Jerusalem?”


Other Videos from this Past Week from Steven:

Breaking German Government Proposes Bill To Confiscate Food Businesses

Russian High Command Moves To Bunkers

US Abram Tanks On The Move In Europe

Czech’s Protest Merkel’s Open Door Refugee Policies

Pope Francis Headed To Jerusalem

Anti Merkel Demonstration in Prague Live

Czech Citizens Protest Merkel’s Visit in Prague

American University In Kabul Under Attack

Turkey Launches Massive Attack In Syria Against Kurds

Syrian Refugees Prelude Coming Two Witnesses

It Is A Global Agenda To Have A World Of Media Bias

Czech Government Says “Prepare For The Worst”

Israeli Air Force Retaliates On Syrian Army

Rockets Fall On Israel From Gaza

Breaking US and Ukraine Fly Observer Flights Over Russia

The Superior Word Prophecy Update 8/28,The Basics of Deja Vu”:


SkyWatchTV News 8/25/16: “Turkey Invades Syria”:

SkyWatchTV News 8/24/16: “The Spirit of the Age”:


SkyWatchTV News 8/22/16: Gray Slime Eating Washington, D.C.


His Channel:  “World News Briefing”  Barry Stagner and Mike MacIntosh 8/25/16 (click on image below to bring up page):

World News Briefing by His Channel

EternalRhythmFlow (Scotty Clarke): “Revelation 12 Research Update”:

Jerusalem Channel:  “Prayer Alert 26 August 2016: Bleaching Sin Like Hillary?”:

Prayer Alert 25 Aug 2016: Spiritual Backbone:


End Times Headline News – August 28st, 2016:


Articles of Concern:

Tracking Bible Headlines – 8/28/2016:

(Thanks to Tracking Bible Prophecy)

Report: Egypt blocked UN endorsement of Quartet report

‘IDF preparing for scenario in which hundreds of terrorists from Sinai attack’

Israel to UN: Diplomatic immunity doesn’t apply to terrorists

In Hebron, Fatah faces a civil war at the polls

Netanyahu, Liberman want Hamas win in local elections, Fatah officials claim

Israel to import tomatoes from Turkey amidst shortage due to a crop destroying virus

Turkey extradites 5 Macedonians planning to join ISIS

Turkey flexes muscle in northern Syria

Turkey ratchets up Syria offensive, says warplanes hit Kurdish militia

IDF fires warning shots at suspicious individuals near Syrian border

US pilots tell of high-stakes encounter with Syrian jets

Syrian war: US and Russia ‘achieve clarity on path forward’

U.N. Syria envoy presses for speedy Aleppo aid delivery

Syrian war: Government regains Darayya after last rebels leave

Obama’s $400m cash payout to Iran is unprecedented, say legal experts

Bangladeshi Police Kill Alleged ‘Mastermind’ Of Cafe Attack That Left 22 Dead

8 Troops Killed in Suspected Rebel Attack in North Paraguay

Colombian Rebels Announce Final Conference of Peace Talks

As some Colombians seethe, others take to the street to trumpet historic peace deal

‘You can kill them’: Filipino police chief tells drug addicts to kill dealers

UN Security Council Unanimously Condemns N. Korea Missile Launch

North Korea says United Nations condemnation of missile tests ‘provocation’

N. Korea threatens to fire at truce village holding US, S. Korea troops

Czechs and Hungarians call for EU army amid security worries

Some 120 Jamaica police officers to wear body cameras

Report: Twitter Suspends DCLeaks Account After Huge George Soros Leak

Global central bankers, stuck at zero, unite in plea for help from governments

As Fed nears rate hikes, policymakers plan for ‘brave new world’

The halal economy reaches new heights

This new proposed feature for iPhones can help catch thieves with their fingerprints

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Chignik Lake, Alaska

Colima volcano in Mexico erupts to 19,000ft

Dukono volcano in Indonesia erupts to 10,000ft

Powerful Typhoon Lionrock may hit Japan early next week

Double tropical threat looms for Hawaii this week

Tropical Storm Madeline moves toward Hawaii as Lester becomes hurricane

Don’t Bee-lieve the Latest Bee-pocalypse Scare

Zika Funding Delay in Congress Puts Americans at Risk, Obama Says

Federal Judge Curbs Enforcement of North Carolina Transgender Access Law

US Christian among first victims of Russia’s anti-evangelism law

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