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This is a reposted Freebie Friday, but as I want to get back to steady blogging a few times a week (as opposed to the once a month I had fallen into after my husband passed almost two years ago), and since it’s getting close to autumn, I thought this would be appropriate for today’s Friday freebie 🙂  )

I really love this week’s set, if I do say so myself 🙂  I love the colors and how the whole set came together!

Here is the freebie printable planner stickers from that set for this week. You can find my other Freebie Friday posts HERE.

You can check out the rest of the set in my Etsy shop here.  This is formatted to fit the classic-size Happy Planner planner, but you can always use it in other planners and bullet journals.  You can find the cut files for them all in my Etsy listings too.

Print these out on full-size sticker paper.  I use these here.  They’re priced great and you can write on them easily. They are good enough quality for my needs.  If you want a top-quality sticker paper look for these or clear ones here. (Though not all pens or markers will write well on the clear ones). If you don’t want to use sticker paper, you can print them on card stock or regular printer paper and glue them down.  Honestly, the sticker paper is the best way, however. Regardless of the type.

If you’d like this printable, click on the image below to pull up the full-sized PDF file for printing.  If you use this kit, I would LOVE to see how you use it! Please comment below so I can see 🙂

Please remember this is for PERSONAL USE ONLY!

Click on the thumbnail to pull up the full sized pdf file of the FREEBIE for viewing and printing —>

Early Autumn Printable Planner Stickers


If you’re interested in more in this set, you can find them in my Etsy shop here:

Early Autumn Planner Set 2  Early Autumn Printable Planner Stickers 3   Early Autumn Printable Planner Stickers 4  Early Autumn Printable Planner Stickers 5

Early Autumn Printable Planner Stickers 6    Early Autumn Printable Planner Stickers 7 Early Autumn Printable Planner Stickers 8



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