How to Print Coupons from Our Blog Posts

How to print coupons

There has been a question about someone not being able to print coupons from the posts I’ve shared recently and I know when you’re new to printing internet coupons, there’s a learning curve, so this is for anyone who is running into a snag.

Here’s what you do:

Ok, you see a coupon you want to print (this is just an example, so it’s not a live coupon):

1.  You want the Excedrin coupon, so just click on it (it will open a new window)

How to print 01

2.  After you click on your coupon, it will open a window like this one.  I circled the places you want to pay attention to in green and explained it in red text in the graphic here:

How to print 2

3.  Your coupon will then be “clipped” (see number 3 in the image above).  Now then…you can go back to the post where you saw all the coupons together, and click on the next coupon you’d like to print.  It will open another window and you’ll see the new coupon “clipped” like in number 3 above.  Don’t worry, you can close that out and go back to the post with all the coupons and your coupons will all stay clipped till you’re ready to print.

4. See number 4 in the graphic above?  At the upper right.  There’s a red button that says “Print Coupons” with a number next to it.  Every time you “clip” a coupon (by just clicking on the coupon in the post) that number will increase till you are done clipping your coupons.

5.  When you’ve clipped all the coupons you want, just click on that red “Print Coupons” button and your coupons will all print together.

I hope that helps!!  Thanks for printing coupons at Calvary Couponers!

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