Introducing Common Kindness Coupons at Calvary Couponers!


We just added Common Kindness coupons here at Calvary Couponers!

To find out what CommonKindness is, and how it works, watch this short video:

Visit our CommonKindness Coupons page to get your coupons!

CommonKindness coupons empower you to help your family and help others.  Every time you redeem CommonKindness printable grocery coupons they provide funds to your favorite non-profit – at no cost to you! Your blogger receives no commission for sharing these coupons with you, the profits go directly to the charity or non-profit you choose.  Companies pay an advertising fee to CommonKindness and they share 20% of funds received with the non-profits you select.

As the owner of this blog, I’d like to ask you, if you have no preferred charity or non-profit, would you consider choosing one that helps those with autism?  My sweet boy Evan is affected with autism, so I’ve seen the need first hand. Autism is growing at an alarming rate and you can help and save at the same time!  The CDC states that autism prevalence is now at 1 in 50 children. We need your help!  Thank you :)  Enjoy your coupons!



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