Mindful Monday for 1/18/16 – I Just Want to Be Where You Are

Mindful Monday

There have been so many challenges in my life these past 10 years. I remember it being ten because so many things happened in 2005 that led to other things that served to challenge me and test and refine my trust in God.  That year my husband suffered a heart attack and shortly afterwards went into kidney failure and went on dialysis.  That year my son turned two and still was not talking (still doesn’t) and it became obvious he had some developmental delays. That first two years after he was born was a honeymoon period thinking all was well. Then autism reared it’s ugly head.

God has brought my family through so much in the years since then. Through it all, God has shown me how true it is that this life is not all there is.  Life events don’t define us, they teach us and grow us into being the person God wants us to be.  They prepare us for eternity and they mold us as the mastor sculpter works on us.

The key is, we have to let Him.  We have to trust that He is busy in the background designing us to become what He want us to be.  This image came across my facebook feed today and it really describes what God has been ministering to me of late:

God is enough

I’ve been contemplating Job for several years now.  Christian friends often bring Job up in coversations when discussing my fight with depression and anxiety through all I’ve been dealing with. Job complained and he felt sorry for himself BUT he never CURSED God for the things He allowed to happen to Job.  In the end, God blessed Job many times over and replaced everything He had allowed the enemy to take.

I’m really trying to remain mindful of that.  Through it all, God is faithful and He always remains faithful. That won’t stop.  He wants us to trust the process He allows and know that nothing that happens in the life of a believer in His Son ever goes to waste or takes Him by surprise.  I don’t understand why the Lord has allowed the things to happen in my life that He has. But He is always present in my life whether I realize it or not.  He is always before me, He never sleeps, and He is always wanting the very best for me and the very best is His place in my life. Because HE is enough!

Lord, I just want to be where you are!


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