Mindful Monday for January 4, 2016 – Always Remember

I hope I gave you enough to chew on in my previous post about coming off hiatus for Mindful Monday, but just in case…what comes to my mind that was like a soft white cloud overhead following me around during it all is, “Always Remember Jesus”.  He was with me through it all, He guided me though it often didn’t feel like it.  I do think I held on to Him through it all, I really did.  In the past I may have backslidden and though I did sink into depression, so did Job and yet the Bible tells us that he never sinned in blaming God.  He was depressed and sorrowful and sat in a heap of ashes feeling sorry for himself, but he never blamed God.  That’s one thing I tried to really keep in the front and center of my mind through it all.  It’s not God’s fault.  I definitely prayed and begged God to save our home, save Morado, save my mom’s health and everything else.  But I guess I’m far enough in my walk with the Lord that this time I remembered to always pray at the end of my begging, “never the less, not my will, but Yours be done, because I trust You.”  That’s definitely not a bragging on myself because it’s only because of the Lord keeping His hand on my family and I through it all. No matter what happens, it can always be worse.

At the end of the day, this life is not all there is.  This is only a rehearsal for eternity.  A dress rehearsal for the real performance.  A training ground.  Always remember Jesus because one day soon all this sorrow in this old world will be over and time will be no more. Those of us whose are His will never grow old, will have no more pain, will walk streets of gold and will walk hand in hand with Him -the One who matters most in this short life of ours.

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