Ponderings of My Predicaments – My Coupon Hiatus

Ponderings of My Predicaments - the great yellow jacket escape

So I moderate three Facebook groups for couponing.  I bet you didn’t realize that as I haven’t been posting much in the line of coupons for a while now.

Why the hiatus?  It began with being overwhelmed by all the scams and negativity in the Facebook coupon groups.  I was spending all my time moderating pending posts that were FULL of a TON of scam and potential post-napping by people trying to make money by hijacking other people’s hard work. Also there was a lot of PORN I really wasn’t crazy about having to see to delete and ban.  It just really discouraged me.  It was frustrating trying to be upbeat and post positive, helpful, money-saving posts in the midst of all that negativity.

Here is one of the cleaner examples which I altered to not show the identity of the poster.  I just declined this one a minute ago to show you an example. A potential Lularoe sales pitch:

why the coupon hiatus 1

Just one or two a day…not that big a deal. BUT multiply it by about 50 a day and about 25 a day of porn posts. Then add the time it takes to decline the post and remove the would-be poster from the group and it was just ridiculous. I was spending all my valuable time on that mess.

But I want to start posting coupons again for the original reason I began this blog:  to save money for other families like mine and help other Christian women in their goals towards becoming Proverbs 31 women.

I post my blog posts to my coupon groups and I probably need to find another moderator or two to help me keep the negative traffic down. I’ve had a few helpers through the years but one (my best online friend for about 20 years) passed away and some others just stopped being active.  It’s on me that I didn’t pay more attention to the groups after my frustration and aggravation set in.  If it gets out of hand again, I’ll switch the groups to announcement only.

I saw this on the Huffpost site and it’s really appropriate for how I felt every day moderating that trash 🙂

dont look

Now on to the positivity I know these groups and the coupon community as a whole can be!!

Thank you if you’ve been patient with me to date about the lack of coupons on a blog which has the name “Couponers” in it 🙂

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