Scripture Writing Plan for December 2017

Scripture Writing Plan for December 2017

This month I posted a poll in my Facebook group, Christian Planner Journal and Craft Fellowship asking them to choose one of three options for this month’s scripture writing plan. The winner by a large margin was “Peace, Joy, and Praise”.  So I took that and worked in Christmas passages and the result is this month’s scripture writing plan 🙂  The first half of the month I focused on verses regarding peace, joy, and praise; and the last half of the month on verses about Christmas.  Christmas is a Christian’s most joyous time of the year (along with Easter) because that’s when we recognize and celebrate the Savior of the world, Jesus Christ! Now of course we know Jesus was not born on December 25th. However, that’s the day of the year (season for many of us) that we set aside to keep the Coming of the Messiah of the world in our thoughts and praises, thanking Him for coming to earth to save us all from our sins and the resulting consequence of those sins:  eternal separation from the Father, God.  What more object of adoration and praise can there ever be?? 🙂

I’m a big kid at Christmas. Always have been, and I try every year to focus more on the true Reason for the season and less on all the commercial stuff.

My Facebook group, Christian Planner Journal and Craft Fellowship and I enjoy doing these monthly plans together and discussing it each month.  I hope you enjoy these monthly scripture writing plans and use them to grow closer to our Lord as a result! I’d love to hear from those who are using it in the comments below!

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Scripture Writing Plan for December 2017

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