Why Calvary

Why Calvary?


Why did I name my blog “Calvary Couponers”?

Calvary is where a very amazing, wonderful, yet horrific event took place that changed the course of time and the world.  Calvary is the heart of the Christian faith and is the place where God gave up His only Son to take our place so we could choose by believing in His sacrifice and receiving the forgiveness it bought us, to never be separated from God the Father ever again here and into eternity.

When you use coupons and that sort of thing, you are hoping to save -save money and at the same time, provide for your family and community. There’s an even greater salvation and an even greater provision that’s already occurred for us all, however, and the redemption has already happened.  With paper coupons, you have the coupon in your hand, you’ve been made aware of it, you’ve found the deal, you got the coupon in your hand but the deal isn’t yours till you take the step of walking in that store and using the coupon to redeem that coupon and thereby purchase that product.  The ultimate redemption has been made and I’m about to make you aware of it here and now, but it isn’t yours till you follow through and receive it, as I will explain.  The coupon has been offered, but it isn’t yours till you clip it out or print it out. The savings is there, but you have to receive it. The ultimate savings is also being offered to you, but you have to reach out and receive it.  What better name for a coupon blog with Christians in mind as well as those who will become Christians by reading these pages of the blog than Calvary Couponers? 🙂

Jesus Christ was born of a virgin as the Old Testament prophets predicted the Messiah would be and walked this earth as the only perfect and sinless Man ever to do so. He came with a purpose. How His earthly life ended was not a surprise to Him and nobody “killed” Him as so many have pointed their fingers.  Jesus willingly laid down His life for us all because that was why He came to begin with.

You see, ever since the fall in the Garden of Eden, every man, woman, and child who walks the earth are living with a sin nature.  This nature is something we were all born with and struggle with daily whether we realize it or not.  The Bible tells us that no one is without sin and that all our righteousness is the same as filthy rags when you compare them to the perfection and holiness of God.  Since God is so holy and we are so…well…not, God cannot stand to look upon sin.  Since the fall in the Garden of Eden, man has been separated from God due to that. Something had to happen to bridge that gap and since nothing we could ever do in our fallen state could ever be good enough, God provided the way Himself. He loves us so much, he doesn’t want to be separated from us, so He made a Way.  He came in the form of His Son, Jesus who IS perfect and has NEVER sinned and sacrificed Him on the cross in our place.  The sacrifice was made, the door is open, but that separation still isn’t gapped if we don’t believe. If we don’t RECEIVE this great Solution by praying and telling God you believe that Jesus did die on the cross and it was for us, in our place because we are sinful and in need of the solution of the sacrifice He paid.  We ask forgiveness for our sins and in doing so, we confess that we know we ARE sinners and believe that Jesus took our place so we wouldn’t have to be separated from God anymore.  That’s called “salvation” because we are saved from the penalty of our sins (separation from God forever and eternity in hell) and are reunited with God as it was in the beginning.  That’s called being “born again”.

The gift is being offered to you, but it’s not yours until you reach out and receive it by faith by praying something like the following:

“Dear God,  I know that I am a sinner and nothing I can ever do can change that or “fix it”. Only what Jesus has already done for me will save me and I believe He died on the cross in my place, for me, so I can be reunited with you forever.  Please forgive me for my sins and receive me to Yourself eternally and help me to follow you and live a better life between now and when you call me to be with you forever. Thank you for loving me so much that you sent your Son to take my place on the cross and in the grave. I believe Jesus rose again and in doing so conquered sin and death and that He is at your side right now preparing for the time you call me to be with you.  Help me to grow in my faith and open my eyes to the Bible when I read it and help me to find a place to gather together with other believers so I can grow in my faith and closer to You.  Thank you, dear Lord. In Jesus name, amen”

If you prayed that prayer just now and meant it in your heart, then Calvary is in your heart and your sins were forgiven there since Jesus took the place of us all on the cross o that hill so long ago.  The more you grow in your faith by following the teachings of the Bible, the more near and dear Calvary will be to you 🙂

God bless you!

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