Bible Art Journaling (Art Worship)

How many of you crafty Christians out there have gotten into Bible journaling?  Otherwise known as Art Worship, Illustrated Faith, Faith Journaling -I’m sure I’m missing a few terms.  I usually just say Bible Art Journaling so the person I’m talking with understands it’s a form of art and not just writing notes in the margins of your Bibles (which most of us do probably).  One of my best friends introduced me to his new love recently and this image and quote was shared on her Facebook page and I had to snag it to use to introduce you to one of my new passions 🙂

faith paint

“Faith is the magical paintbrush of the soul which imagines all of your dreams and also believes in your heart that you will have them.”
~ Pamela Nine

(image source)

So now that I’ve whet your interest (for those not already introduced to this new art worship) here are some great examples just chosen randomly from a Google image search:



One of my favorite online teachers for how to do this loveliness and incorporate the Word of God with is Rebecca Jones. She is on Google +, and she has great YouTube video tutorials and has an awesome Facebook group I’m in.  So many great ways to learn while you fellowship with others who do art worship, learn how to do it, and learn the Bible together!  I’ll be posting a lot more about it in the future!

I’m brand new to is as of a few months ago, but I’ve already added some new art supplies to my craft room and have a few pages done. I have a lot to learn from these talented, Godly ladies 🙂

Are any of you into this new art worship form?? I’d love to see some of your work! Please comment and let me see or tell me what you’ve been doing!

God bless for now 🙂



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