Create Your Own Stencils from Laminating Pouches -DIY Build Your Stash

Build your stash DIY font stencil

I’m bound and determined to be consistent in uploading a new video once a week, if at all possible. It keeps my mind occupied and keeps me from worrying about my husband’s health and prognosis as he was recently diagnosed with squamous cell cancer (new post in my Ponderings of My Predicaments series to come soon about that…).

Busy day for me 🙂 I went to visit my mom, did a little shopping, came home and worked on laundry, now I’m on my laptop getting some online work done 😉

I hope you enjoy learning how you can make your own stencils and save money building your stash! 🙂

This week is how to make your own stencils from your favorite fonts.


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