Do You Have Plastic Bags Full of Plastic Bags? Most Couponers Do. Here’s How to Use Those!

Plastic Bag cartoonI KNOW you do! LOL All you couponers who visit my blog are bound to have lots of plastic bags within plastic bags at your house πŸ™‚

We recycle ours (there’s a bin outside our Giant Eagle where you can put them to be recycled). BUT..I just found a few great ideas for how to use those plastic bags! Check it out! Click on the photo to go to read more about it!

Plastic Bag Coasters:


Plastic Bag Rugs:
Plastic bag rug

Plastic Bag Baskets:

plastic bag baskets

Plastic Bag Bracelets:

plastic bag bracelets

Plastic Bag for Organizing Crafts, etc.:

(I’ve been doing this one for years for crafts and I also have a few of these hanging in my laundry closet that has rags for cleaning in them.)

plastic bag organize crafts

There are more things you can do with and make with plastic bags than I have room or time to post here! Β Take a look at this Pinterest Search page for LOTS of other great plastic bag ideas! Β So don’t throw those out. Put them to use or recycle them!

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