Doodle Challenge for March 2020 โ€“ March!

March 2020 Doodle challenge header

The March 2020 Doodle Challenge is now here ๐Ÿ™‚ Better late than never, right?

Life has really been hectic of late as I adjust to being a single mom.ย  But more on that in another post ๐Ÿ™‚

Some of the items in this month’s doodle challenge may seem odd, but I really want to save the “Spring” things for next month ๐Ÿ™‚ I had to really think to get enough for March, but I wound up taking some of the “National Day of…”, “World Day of”, etc. images. I hope you still like it!


Why do we doodle?ย  Doodling simple things helps you to develop your drawing skills, which helps you increase your Bible art journaling skills.ย  It also increases your hand/eye coordination which helps in many areas of life!

This challenge is participated in by the members of myย Facebook group, Christian Planner, Journal, and Craft Fellowshipย and any of you who would like to join us! You can join us in the group or join along on Instagram.

Click the thumbnail image below to pull up the full-sized PDF file for printing! โ€“>

Click here for the full size pdf for the March 2020 doodle challenge

I usually print these out onย 28 pound white paperย (or 32 pound paper is even better) and just stick them right into my planner or journal. The heavier the paper, the less chance it will tear out of your binder or planner by accident and helps resist bleeding or ghosting from your pens or markers. It helps the page turn easier too.

If you choose to print these out on full-size (letter) sticker paper.ย I use these here. Theyโ€™re priced great and you can write on them easily. They are good enough quality for my needs. If you want a top-quality sticker paper look forย theseย orย clear ones here. (Though not all pens or markers will write well on the clear ones). If you donโ€™t want to use sticker paper, you can print them on card stock or regular printer paper and glue them down. Honestly, the sticker paper is the best way, however. Regardless of the type.

Going through a lot of ink printing out planner stickers? Do like I did and enlist inย the HP Instant Ink program!ย Iโ€™ve saved so much money on ink since I did a year and a half ago. They have different plans, but the one Iโ€™m in (the most pages) is that I can print up to 300 pages worth of ink for just over $9.99 per month. You can choose lesser pages for a lower rate, but I do a lot of printing between coupons, planner stickers and other things. Click on the image here to check it out! โ€“>

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