End of the Age Prophecy Updates for 10/30/16

End of the Age Updates for 10/29/16

There are some really astounding things happening right now, especially here in the US with the presidential election and all its intrigue (to put it mildly) happening. It’s really discouraging for those of us who love our country. So I begin this week’s prophecy updates with a encouraging message from Jack Hibbs about our Blessed Hope!:

Amir Tsarfati:  “Prophecy Update: USA: Elections of no elections?”:

Prophecy Update: UNESCO decision in light of Bible prophecy:

(Amir’s blog here)

Pastor J.D. Farag:

(Pastor J.D.’s Video List Here)


Joel Rosenberg:

This leads to his recent video on The Persecuted Church (I couldn’t embed it in my post here):

Joel C. Rosenberg for The Joshua Fund on The Persecuted Church

An article rather than a video, but important nonetheless:

BREAKING: FBI reopens criminal investigation of Hillary. This is a huge story — especially coming just days before the election. Here’s the latest.

(Joel has a great blog and Facebook group)

Track Bible Prophecy with Joel’s Blog regularly by clicking HERE

Joel’s Facebook Page


The Hal Lindsey Report:

(This week’s video is  repeat, you can view that here if you’d like)

(Hal’s Video List Here)


Jack Van Impe Presents:  — October 29, 2016

(Jack’s Video List Here)


Prophecy in the News: Kevin’s Korner – The Internet Out of Our Hands (with Billy Crone):

Billy Crone – The World Religions Cults and the Occult Part 2:

Kevin’s Korner – Revival in America:

(Prophecy in the News’ Video List Here)

Prophecy Watchers (Gary Stearman): “Gary’s Commentary on Israel’s New Covenant”:

Bob Maginnis: Future War:


(Prophecy Watchers’ Video List Here)


John Haller from Fellowship Bible Chapel, Columbus, Ohio Prophecy Update for 10/30/16, “

(Not posted at the time of this publishing. Click the link below to see if its available yet.)

John Haller’s Video List Here)


Calvary Melbourne Australia, Pastor Andrew Russell, “Midweek Prophecy Update October 26, 2016″:



(Pastor Russell’s Video List Here)


Israeli News Live (Steven Ben DeNoon), “Imam’s hold mass prayer outside Roman Colosseum”:

Britian, France Sending Tanks and Troops to Russian Border:


Censorship Stepped Up In Europe to Block Alternative News:


“Mark of the Beast”:

NATO acknowledges Russia Moving Nuclear Missiles To Kaliningrad:

The Evidence That The Temple Mount is Jewish:

Several Other Videos by Steven this Week:

(Steven’s Video List Here)


The Superior Word Prophecy Update, 30 October 2016 (The Stones Cry Out)

(The Superior Word Video List Here)


SkyWatchTV News 10/27/16: Jews Allowed to Pray on Temple Mount:

(SkyWatch Video List Here)


His Channel:  “World News Briefing”  Barry Stagner and Mike Macintosh 10/27/16 (click on image below to bring up page):

World News Briefing by His Channel

(His Channel Video List Here)


EternalRhythmFlow (Scotty Clarke): (no new videos)

(Scotty’s Video List Here)


Jerusalem Channel:

(Jerusalem Channel’s Video List Here)


End Times Headline News – October 30, 2016:

(Video List for End Times Headline News)


Encouraging News:

China Releases Megachurch Pastor After 7 Years in Custody


Articles of Concern:

Palestinians announce year-long campaign against ‘crime’ of Balfour Declaration


GA Governor Demands Pastor Hand Over His Sermons—and His Bible


Gregg Jarrett: Weiner, Clinton and the FBI’s chance at redemption = an election nightmare

It Is Happening Again! Voting Machines Are Switching Votes From Donald Trump to Hillary Clinton

Pentagon’s Transgender Policy Transformation Begins

Apostacy Watch:

Calvary Chapel Pastors Conference 2016 – Leadership Departing Form God’s Word

Atheist Minister Facing “Review” by United Church of Canada


Other channels that often have prophecy updates, just not every week:

Jack Hibbs:  https://www.youtube.com/user/RealLifeJackHibbs/videos

Skip Heitzig:  https://www.youtube.com/user/CalvaryABQ/videos

Faith JSS church (Australia):  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrL3cCwglze2zgQXDjw_31A/videos

Watchmen Pastors:  https://www.youtube.com/user/WatchmenPastors/videos

Billy Crone:  https://www.youtube.com/user/NFBCmedia


Tracking Bible Headlines – 10/30/2016:

(Thanks to Tracking Bible Prophecy)

UN expert to examine Israeli human rights groups

Kerry slams Human Rights Council’s ‘excessive, biased focus on Israel’

Ivanka says Trump would ‘100%’ move US embassy to Jerusalem

Palestinian pollution of Alexander River kills fish, causes noxious odor

Iranian-Jewish MP: Tehran knows war with Israel ‘suicide’

War In Europe: Lithuania Prepares For Russian Invasion As NATO Sends Troops To Eastern European States

Lithuania issues updated Russian invasion advice booklets

Russia Blames US for Near-Collision of Planes Over Syria

At least 21 dead as Syrian forces counter rebel offensive in Aleppo

Thousands of displaced people flood Mosul as ISIS loses ground

Iraqi Shia militias tighten noose around Isis with Mosul offensive

Islamic State claims responsibility for attack outside U.S. embassy in Nairobi

US Orders Families of Consulate Workers in Istanbul to Leave Over Terror Fears

Turkey sacks more than 10,000 civil servants over links with failed coup

Yemen conflict: Dozens killed as air strikes hit prison in Hudaydah

War pushes Yemen to partition, thwarting peace efforts

Twin suicide bombings kill at least nine in Nigeria

Egypt tourism in limbo a year after Russian plane bombing

Refugee children sleeping rough on site of destroyed Calais Jungle – three days after camp was ‘cleared’

Clinton battles to quell resurgent email crisis days ahead of election

Hillary Clinton Assails James Comey, Calling Email Decision ‘Deeply Troubling’

Justice Department told FBI not to reveal news of Clinton email

FBI’s Comey Acted ‘Independently’ in Sending Letter About Clinton Emails

Abedin-Weiner electronic device was laptop, had tens-of-thousands of emails, source

Clinton aide Huma Abedin has told people she doesn’t know how her emails wound up on her husband’s computer

John Fund: If Hillary wins, we’ll have a potential blackmail target in the White House

Social Media Blackout? FBI Emails Are Not ‘Trending’ On Twitter, Facebook, Buzzfeed, Or Snapchat

EU data protection watchdogs warn WhatsApp, Yahoo on privacy

NASA’s New ‘Intruder Alert’ System Spots An Incoming Asteroid

More than 15,000 near-Earth objects and counting

Italy earthquake: 6.6-magnitude tremor rocks nation’s center

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits near Taltal, Chile

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits the Northern Mid-Atlantic Ridge

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near San Antonio, Chile

Klyuchevskoy volcano on Kamchatka, Russia erupts to 27,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 24,000ft

Sheveluch volcano on Kamchatka, Russia erupts to 23,000ft

Turrialba volcano in Costa Rica erupts to 17,000ft

Cousin Of Polio May Be Causing Outbreak Of Paralysis In Children

Brazil mutant mosquitoes to breed out diseases

Parents furious at BBC sex-change show aimed at primary schoolers

Mormon and gay: Church says you can be both

Taiwan’s gay pride parade brings tens of thousands to streets

Swirling Scandal Involving Shamanistic Cult Threatens S. Korean President

South Korea: thousands of protesters call for president to resign

Movies, zombies, Halloween changing Mexico’s Day of the Dead

Mexico City stages first Day of the Dead parade

Creepy clowns in Germany might get jail time

Christian Persecution Rising as 75 Percent of World’s Population Lacks Religious Freedom

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