End of the Age Prophecy Updates for 11/20/16


End of the Age Prophecy Updates for 11/20/16

I hope you’re all having a great week!  I usually get this up on Sunday evenings but yesterday there was a family issue that threw me off track.  I hope you can glean much from this information below and I’d love to hear your comments in return in the comments section!  God bless you all 🙂

Pastor J.D. Farag:

(not posted yet. I’ll update this once it is)

(Pastor J.D.’s Video List Here)


Joel Rosenberg:  “Deceptive Evilness Is Rising Part 1”

This was uploaded to YouTube yesterday but I’m not sure it was recorded yesterday. Still good either way! 🙂

(Joel has a great blog and Facebook group)

Track Bible Prophecy with Joel’s Blog regularly by clicking HERE

Joel’s Facebook Page


Amir Tsarfati: “Prophecy Update: The Pope, Europe and Middle East Update”:

(Amir’s blog here)


The Hal Lindsey Report:

(Hal’s Video List Here)


Jack Van Impe Presents — November 19, 2016:

(Jack’s Video List Here)


Prophecy in the News: “Kevin’s Korner – Healing Our Nation”:

“Dan Goodwin – The Harvest and the Jubilee – Part 2”:


(Prophecy in the News’ Video List Here)

Prophecy Watchers (Gary Stearman):  “Andy Woods: The Coming Kingdom”:

Get Andy’s book here (or click on image below):

The Coming Kingdom book by Andy Wood

“Andy Woods: The Delayed Kingdom”:


See Andy’s book, The Middle East Meltdown here (or click on the image below)

(Prophecy Watchers’ Video List Here)

John Haller from Fellowship Bible Chapel, Columbus, Ohio Prophecy Update for 11/20/16, “Itching Ears”:

(John Haller’s Video List Here)


Calvary Melbourne Australia, Pastor Andrew Russell, “Midweek Prophecy Update Nov 16, 2016 – “PROTESTERS DID NOT EVEN VOTE”:



(Pastor Russell’s Video List Here)


Israeli News Live (Steven Ben DeNoon), “7.3 Earthquake in Japan”:

“Massive Military Movement to the Russian Front”:


“Two Witnesses Will Not Tickle Your Ears!”:


Several Other Videos by Steven this Week:

(Steven’s Video List Here)

The Superior Word Prophecy Update, 20 November 2016, “A Dodged Bullet”:

(The Superior Word Video List Here)


SkyWatchTV News 11/16/16: “Elite Launch Purple Revolution”:

“SkyWatchTV WEB EXCLUSIVE: Dr. Michael Heiser – The Sin of the Watchers”:


Several more videos from SkyWatch TV News:

(SkyWatch Video List Here)

His Channel:  “World News Briefing”  Barry Stagner with Don Stewart 11/17/16 (click on image below to bring up page):

World News Briefing by His Channel

(His Channel Video List Here)


EternalRhythmFlow (Scotty Clarke):  “EPIC DISCOVERY! The Timeline Location of the Revelation 12 Sign! . . . It May Surprise You:”

“Amazing NEW Revelation 12 Sign Insight with guest Scott Clarke on 99.9 FM”:


(Scotty’s Video List Here)


Jerusalem Channel: “Confronting the Jezebel Spirit”:

(Jerusalem Channel’s Video List Here)


End Times Headline News – November 21, 2016:

(Video List for End Times Headline News)


Encouraging News:

Hundreds support Christian florist fined for refusing to work gay wedding

Articles of Concern:

Turkey in talks with Russia to purchase S-400 air defense missile system

Apostacy Watch:

The Pope Said What?!

Things that Make Ya Go, “Hmm…”:


Other channels that often have prophecy updates, just not every week:

Jack Hibbs:  https://www.youtube.com/user/RealLifeJackHibbs/videos

Skip Heitzig:  https://www.youtube.com/user/CalvaryABQ/videos

Faith JSS church (Australia):  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrL3cCwglze2zgQXDjw_31A/videos

Watchmen Pastors:  https://www.youtube.com/user/WatchmenPastors/videos

Billy Crone:  https://www.youtube.com/user/NFBCmedia


Tracking Bible Headlines – 11/21/2016:

(Thanks to Tracking Bible Prophecy)

Bolton warns Obama on Israel action at UN

Lapid: Keep Israel-US disputes behind closed doors

France reportedly backing out of Mideast peace summit following Trump’s election

Netanyahu: Abbas not taking the right steps for reconciliation with Israel

Palestinians call for investigation into Israel at UN climate talks

IDF officer demoted for fleeing terrorist attack

Ex-general says gender integration a leftist scheme to ‘weaken’ IDF

German Protestants officially renounce converting Jews to Christianity

Israel boycotted in Chilean event gathering diplomats’ wives

Record 700 Brazilians to move to Israel in 2016

Water Flow Into Israel’s Lake Kinneret Hits Lowest Rate in 90 Years

Sea of Galilee and rivers dry: “We want to plant, but there’s no water”

Palestinian olive harvest troubles: Is political tourism doing more bad than good?

Infighting clouds upcoming Palestinian leadership gathering

Monkey attack in Libya sparks tribal clashes that kill more than a dozen

Libya’s government faces forced currency devaluation

Egypt thwarts two ISIS-linked assassination attempts on President Sisi

Nearly 300 detained in Egypt over Sissi assassination plot, Sinai attacks

Increasingly paranoid ISIS leader reportedly refuses to sleep without suicide vest

Syrian government refuses UN truce terms for Aleppo

Obama presses Putin on Syria as Aleppo bombed by regime forces

Syria war: Aleppo self-rule plan rejected by government

Rescuers in Aleppo ‘run out of bodybags’ after intense day of bombardment where hospital is attacked

Aleppo Bombs Leave Quarter Million ‘Living in Hell’ and Without Hospital Care

In biblical lands of Iraq, Christianity in peril after ISIS

Iraqi battle for Mosul prompts fears of more sectarian violence

Trump, Though Critical of Nuclear Deal, Could Offer Opportunities for Iran

Russian President Putin says Trump confirmed willing to mend ties

Meeting Putin, Philippines’ Duterte rails at Western ‘hypocrisy’

Erdogan: My people believe U.S. was behind coup attempt

Fed up with EU, Erdogan says Turkey could join Shanghai bloc

Angela Merkel takes on populists as she seeks fourth term in 2017 election

First Brexit, Then Trump. Can Italy Avoid a Populist Uprising in Crucial Referendum?

China pledges further opening as leaders scramble for free trade

Obama defends free trade at Asia-Pacific summit rattled by Trump

Reporter to Obama: Will You Be Like Bush And Not Criticize Your Successor?; Obama: I Will If “Necessary”

Obama: I’ll push back on Trump if needed to defend US ideals

Schumer vows ‘tough vetting’ for Sessions

Pence says no need for apology after ‘Hamilton’ jeers, lecture

New York’s Cuomo unveils rights initiative, says election spawned ‘social crisis’

Police hunting suspect after Texas officer gunned down while writing traffic ticket

Violence in Rio de Janeiro Claims 5 Police, At Least 7 Civilians

Train Derailment in India Kills More Than 100

Kanpur villagers rescue train accident survivors, some rob them

Donald Trump expected to slash Nasa’s climate change budget in favour of sending humans back to the moon – and beyond

Powerful Next-Gen Weather Satellite Launches to Begin Forecasting ‘Revolution’

Earthquakes: Reckoning With ‘The Big One’ in California-and It Just Got Bigger

Kaikoura earthquake: More than 4000 tremors in seven days

6.4 magnitude earthquake hits near Zonda, Argentina

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits the Prince Edward Islands region

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Hasaki, Japan

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 30,000ft

Sheveluch volcano on Kamchatka, Russia erupts to 18,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 16,000ft

Turrialba volcano in Costa Rica erupts to 14,000ft

Kerinci volcano in Indonesia erupts to 14,000ft

Sinabung volcano in Indonesia erupts to 11,000ft

Storm Angus brings 80mph winds and flooding to UK as thousands are left without power

The Florida Keys approve a trial release of genetically-modified mosquitoes to combat Zika

$800,000 Approved for Planned Parenthood Investigation by Republicans as Defunding Efforts Ramp Up

Detecting the language of suicide: There’s an app for that

Transgender Marine becomes one of first men to serve openly after US military drops ban

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