End of the Age Prophecy Updates for 8/6/17

End of the Age Updates for 8-6-17

Are the rest of you winding up your summer activities and getting ready for back to school?  Where did the summer go? 🙂  I’m grateful that it was a fairly mild summer here in north central Ohio and not overwhelmingly hot like it was last year.  There’s always something to be thankful for, isn’t there?  We’re one week closer to the return of Jesus and the end of the age which ushers in God’s Kingdom with Jesus as the ruler of the earth. That’s definitely our blessed hope!

Pastor J.D. Farag:

(Pastor J.D.’s Video List Here)


Amir Tsarfati:

(AMIR’S VIDEO LIST HERE)  (Amir’s Facebook here)

(Amir’s blog here)


John Haller from Fellowship Bible Chapel, Columbus, Ohio Prophecy Update:

(John Haller’s Video List Here)


Joel Rosenberg:

(no new videos this week, but check out his latest blog posts HERE and HERE)


You can get Joel’s new book, “Without Warning”, by clicking on the book image below.  I just finished reading it recently and it’s awesome, as always.  Like all of Joel’s books (and I own and have read them all) it’s awesome! Joel does not disappoint 🙂

(Joel has a great blog and Facebook group)

Track Bible Prophecy with Joel’s Blog regularly by clicking HERE

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Calvary Melbourne Australia, Pastor Andrew Russell:

(Pastor Russell’s Video List Here)


Lamb and Lion Ministries (David Reagan and Nathan Jones):

You can get Ron’s book here –>

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The Hal Lindsey Report:



The Hal Lindsey Report:


(Hal’s Video List Here or Here)


Jack Hibbs:

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Jack Van Impe Presents:

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Prophecy in the News:

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Prophecy Watchers (Gary Stearman):

You can check out Brent’s DVD series here –>

Decoding the Future: Book of Revelation (7-Disks)

or Part 1 on Amazon Video HERE

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Perry Stone (Manna-Fest/Voice of Evangelism):

(Perry’s Video List here)


Shofar Ministries:

There are a lot more updates at Shofar this past month, so check those out –>

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Israeli News Live (Steven Ben DeNoon):

Several Other Videos by Steven this Week:

(Steven’s Video List Here)


The Superior Word Prophecy Update:

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SkyWatchTV News:

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His Channel: August 3, 2017

(Click on image below to pull up this week’s video)

World News Briefing by His Channel

(His Channel Video List Here)

EternalRhythmFlow (Scotty Clarke):

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Jan Markell Olive Tree Ministries:

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The Jerusalem Channel:

(Jerusalem Channel’s Video List Here)


End Times Headline News – August 6, 2017:

(Video List for End Times Headline News)

Other channels that often have prophecy updates, just not every week:


Jack Hibbs:  https://www.youtube.com/user/RealLifeJackHibbs/videos

Skip Heitzig:  https://www.youtube.com/user/CalvaryABQ/videos

Faith JSS church (Australia):  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrL3cCwglze2zgQXDjw_31A/videos

Watchmen Pastors:  https://www.youtube.com/user/WatchmenPastors/videos

Billy Crone:  https://www.youtube.com/user/NFBCmedia


Tracking Headlines – 8/6/2017:

(Thanks to Tracking Bible Prophecy)

Jordan king to meet Abbas in Ramallah in bid to ‘revive’ peace talks

Abdullah-Abbas meeting to show Jordan, Palestinians ‘speak with one voice’

Abbas vows to keep up financial pressure on Hamas

Security coordination continues despite Abbas freeze

Small drone from Gaza falls in Israeli territory

US Senate panel approves bill to suspend aid to Palestinians

Pressure mounts on Israel’s prime minister as aide agrees to testify

Chinese tourists arrested after Hitler salutes in Germany

Turkey warns new military moves in Syria imminent

Turkey reinforces military on Syria border: agency

ISIS Defeated in Mosul but Humanitarian Fight Has Just Begun

Set to execute 14 dissenters, Saudi Arabia defends its judicial system

Bomb Explodes at Minnesota Mosque During Morning Prayers; FBI Terrorism Task Force Investigating

‘There is too much anger out there.’ Bombing of a Minnesota mosque leaves Muslims concerned

Japan marks 72 years since Hiroshima atomic bomb

Iran’s president Rouhani sworn in for second term

Iran nuclear deal: Rouhani warns US against ‘political suicide’

Iran’s Rouhani, embarking on second term, accuses Trump over nuclear deal

Iran vows ‘unified’ response to breach of nuclear deal

North Korea’s ‘No. 2’ official strengthens ties with Iran as UN hits Pyongyang with new sanctions

Russian PM slams ‘impotent’ Trump as Russia, N. Korea, Iran reject US sanctions

UN Security Council adopts tougher sanctions on N. Korea

North Korea: Sanctions Are Not Enough

North Korea: China urges neighbour to stop missile tests

China calls for halt to US THAAD deployment in S.Korea

McMaster: U.S. Preparing For “Preventive War” With North Korea

Putin cultivates strongman image in Siberia

Mission Creep: Mueller Grand Jury Fishing for Evidence Unrelated to Russian Interference Probe

Savage: “There Will Be Civil War In This Country” If Trump Taken Down

Democrats fear Russia probe blowback

California Has 11 Counties With More Registered Voters Than Voting-Age Citizens

Immigrant deaths increase on U.S.-Mexico border

UK ready to pay up to 40 billion euros to leave EU

Venezuela opens disputed new constituent assembly

Venezuela slammed for firing dissenting attorney general

U.S. Army halts use of Chinese-made drones over cyber concerns

When Will the Tech Bubble Burst?

Rise of the machines

Partial lunar eclipse to be visible from all places in India on August 7

5.7 magnitude earthquake hits near Kirakira, Solomon Islands

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 26,000ft

Sheveluch volcano on Kamchatka, Russia erupts to 20,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 13,000ft

1400-Quake Swarm Prompts Question “If Yellowstone Erupted, What Would Be Left?”

Southwest Japan braces for direct hit from Typhoon Noru

New Orleans, part of Jefferson swamped in near-8-inch deluge

Florida sinkhole that swallowed two homes is growing, officials say

Ongoing ‘Lucifer’ heat wave stifles large swath of Europe

Italy heatwave and drought spark killer wildfires

Deadly salmonella outbreak: 64 more cases linked to papayas

Tiny human brains grown in lab could one day be used to repair Alzheimer’s damage

Here’s where experts say we should draw the line on gene-editing experiments on human embryos

The first U.S. boxer to fight as a woman, and then as a man

Transgender Soldiers Want the Dignity of Serving Their Country

Shattered faith: Nearly 100 sex abuse suits against Catholic priests rock island of Guam

British model drugged, stuffed in suitcase in sex trafficking attempt, police say

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