Freebie Friday -Country Thanksgiving Planner Printables

Freebie Friday Planner Printables for 11-3-17

Whew! With this post I will be totally caught up after the migration crisis of the last three weeks or so 🙂 This is my 13th post of the day. That’s never happened before lol  However, I wanted Calvary Couponers to be all caught up to date and consistent.  Thank you for bearing with me if I flooded you are subscribed and I flooded you inbox. This isn’t the norm, I promise 🙂

Forgive my blog for being down the past few weeks. When I posted my last Freebie Friday so many people visited to snag it, that it crashed the site! lol  A good problem for a blogger to have, but getting the correction taken care of was longer than expected.  I upgraded my blog host to a business account so I’ll have a server all to myself instead of sharing it with other blogs.  So, we should be good to go now!

This week we have another set of Thanksgiving planner printables. Next week I hope to start offering Christmas sets.

These are sized for the brand new Happy Planner classic, so if you use the new Happy Planners, you’re all set to go.

Print these out on full-size sticker paper.  I use these here.  They’re priced great and you can write on them easily. They are good enough quality for my needs.  If you want a top-quality sticker paper look for these or clear ones here. (Though not all pens or markers will write well on the clear ones). If you don’t want to use sticker paper, you can print them on card stock or regular printer paper and glue them down.  Honestly, the sticker paper is the best way, however. Regardless of the type.

If you’d like this printable, click on the image below to pull up the full-sized PDF file for printing.  If you use this kit, I would LOVE to see how you use it! Please comment below so I can see ?

Please remember this is for PERSONAL USE ONLY!

Going through a lot of ink printing out planner stickers?  Do like I did and enlist in the HP Instant Ink program! I’ve saved so much money on ink since I did a year and a half ago.  They have different plans, but the one I’m in (the most pages) is that I can print up to 300 pages worth of ink for just over $9.99 per month. You can choose lesser pages for a lower rate, but I do a lot of printing between coupons, planner stickers and other things.  Click on the image here to check it out! –>

HP Instant Ink

Click on the image below to pull up the full sized pdf file of the FREEBIE for viewing and printing —>

Page 1 of 2Freebie Friday Country Thanksgiving Planner Printables

Click HERE for the Silhouette Cut File

A portion of the graphics are from clipart-library dot com

Calvary Crafters Etsy Shop

Page 2 of 2Country thanksgiving planner printables 2Click HERE for Silhouette Cut File

I’d LOVE to see how you use this set in your own planner! Please leave me a comment below if you use this 🙂

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