Joel C. Rosenberg’s Newest Book, “Auschwitz Escape”: Save $5.00!

Joel C. Rosenberg is hands down MY favorite author. I have ALL of his books and will definitely be adding this to my collection as soon as it comes out!  I thought I’d share it here for other Joel C. Rosenberg fans and those who will become his fans 🙂 Click on the book or link for more information.  Joel has been on number television news programs and appeared before congress to testify about how the Bible lines up with world affairs, Bible prophecy, and the ongoing crises in the Middle East.  You’ve GOT to hear what he has to say (I saw him in person in Middleburg Heights, Ohio a few years ago and he’s the best.)

You can Pre-Order this book now (it will be released on 3/18) and save $5.00!

Joel Rosenberg The Auschwitz Escape

For more information on Joel Rosenberg’s book, Auschwitz Escape, click here

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