Mindful Monday for 2/22 -Anger

Mindful Monday

We live in a time when emotions run high.  There are less and less social mores against the less attractive behaviors we all deal with.  For a Bible-believing Christian to maintain a Godly testimony, however, we need to try to keep them in check.  It improves relationships with family, friends, and business as well. It’s part of a good self-disciplined life.  The discipline I’m talking about tonight is anger.

Be angry and sin not. Ephesians 4:26-27 exhorts that. Being angry isn’t a sin in and of itself but it is a gateway to actions that are sin.  Don’t let it fester.  Let it go.

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Man tells us to get away alone to get our heads together even if it’s a few days.  My husband and I had a Christian counselor advise that for us.  But clearly that’s not what the Bible tells us.  It’s wise to get away for a time to pray about it and get ourselves together before coming before the person we are angry with, but no longer than nightfall. It gives too long for it to turn from getting your head together and asking the Lord to help you react in a Godly way to festering and giving way to the enemy.  It’s too easy to have time to rehearse the conversations in your head and it grows and grows instead of being alleviated.  God’s Word always advises the wisest course of action.  It can always be trusted!

My young  You Version friend, Connor Norton posted this last night and now I share it with you:

“We have all had our days where we get really upset about events that happen in our lives.  Whether it be personal or something that happened to someone else, we take it very harshly and feel our blood boiling inside.  Some people let their anger out by cursing and yelling at the ones that hurt us.  This could result in a fight physically or emotionally –regardless a catastrophe could be in place.  Another tactic of handling anger is holding it in.  These people let their anger build up inside, waiting for a needle to pop their inflated balloon.  Not only is this bad for one’s health, but it also affects everyone around them because their vibe is a ticking time bomb –one wrong thing and they will explode.       Whichever one you are, find a good way to let go of your anger.  Whether it be a punching bag or just being the bigger person, we have to let our anger go.  Going to bed angry is one of the worst things you can do for your body.  Not only will you prevent sleep, but your blood pressure will stay raised throughout the night.  As this passage says, we need to forget about our angers.  Life is too short for anger that can be easily lifted to the Lord.  When we know God can help us, life is so much easier.  Don’t go to bed angry, be joyful and love the little things in life.

Can you read this message?  That’s a blessing.  Can you move your fingers down to read this note?  That’s a blessing.  Do you have a relationship with Jesus our Savior?  That is the best blessing you can have.  Be grateful for what you have and may God bless you with peace.

God,  thank you for peace within.  Allow me to have the strength to take things with a grain of salt so I can become a more peaceful person.  May I give my anger to You when I become angry.  I ask these things in Your name, Amen.

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