My Home-Made Valentine Card and Silhouette Cut File (Studio)

So I did a trial run over the holidays of adding crafting and creative lifestyle posts to my blog. It was a big success. I’d posted recipes that went along with the coupons that were good that period of time and I got a LOT of Pinterest traffic. The trial run was a success. I’m going to try to start posting other-than-couponing posts from time to time now since that was a success.
Here’s the first of the new wave 🙂  First the picture and then the studio cut file if you’d like it for download.
I just made this card yesterday with my Silhouette Cameo cutting machine.  It’s a wonderful machine that connects to your computer and along with its software helps you cut out shapes for card making, scrapbooking, lots of other project using vinyl and lots more.

autism valentine-HelenBush

I started with a heart-shaped puzzle file.  When I opened it up in Silhouette and tried to ungroup the “pieces” of the puzzle they broke apart in a many different portions of pieces, so I wound up reworking the file to make the pieces separate so you could cut them with scraps of different colors.  Then I took all the different shapes I’d cut out and embossed them all with different patterns with my Big Kick embossing machine, then glued the pieces onto a piece of cardstock locking them into each other again.

My goal for this card is to give it to my son’s class (he is autistic) for Valentine’s Day.  The symbol for autism awareness is a puzzle piece, so this was perfect.  I did each piece a different color and pattern of embossing to reflect the autism spectrum:  every autistic person is different. It’s a very broad spectrum!  I also made it to submit to a Silhouette Challenge Facebook Group for the Valentine’s challenge they have going on and so I could share it  with you, my blog readers (those of you who like crafting as well as saving money).

I wanted something 3-Dimensional on the inside so the kids would get a kick out of it, so I chose a pop-out heart file for the inside.  I wish I could remember where I got it, but I believe it was a free download from another blogger (if you know who, let me know and I’ll give them full credit for that portion!).  I used xmas red (I hate that spelling but that’s the brand’s name for this color) Stickle and crystal Stickle glitter glue to make the heart pop and to outline the front of the card’s scallops (it’s much more sparkly in person than in the picture).  I also cut out a lacy heart (after I sized it right to fit over the autism puzzle heart) to fit under the autism heart on the front to make it look more like a valentine. I added a couple puzzle pieces to the inside to carry the puzzle piece theme into the inside, and I cut out the lettering and glued that on and I was done.

I haven’t made a card in a while, so I’m pleased it turned out this well. I’m happy and I think my son and his class will get a kick out of it when I tuck it in an envelope and include it with some cut-out heart-shaped cookies for his class on Valentine’s Day.

Thanks for looking!!

If you’d like to create something similar, here is your cut file including all the shapes you’ll need in one file:  autism puzzle heart Valentine-helen wolfe bush   Enjoy!

Interested in the Silhouette Cameo?  Check it out here:

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