Crafty Coupons for 4/3- 4/9

Crafty Coupons

I’ve been craftier than usual the past few days and it’s a great distractions from the worries of life, I think! This week I got the new Inspire Bible and I’m loving it! Check it out: I love my other journaling Bible as I can trace whatever image I want … Continue reading

Craft Coupons for Week of March 6-12

My creativity this week has all been right here on this blog fixing things to make it run better,faster, and be prettier 🙂  I hope to have some time with real hands-on crafting this week! For those of you who are feeling the itch to craft, this is your weekly … Continue reading

Crafty Coupons for the Week 3/2

Craft Coupons of the Week

I’m posting coupons I can find for craft stores both online and offline for all my fellow craftaholics! This week is the usual craft stores we are all familiar with. I will be adding online craft stores as well hopefully tomorrow (if not later tonight). This should get you started … Continue reading