February 2023 Scripture Writing Plan -You Are Enough

February Scripture Writing Plan header

Hello everyone! I hope you are all well. Here in north central Ohio we have some icing going on out there. Today I’ve been seeking the Lord about the February Scripture Writing Plan.  I think He is putting on my heart, “You are enough” as I’ve been dealing with this … Continue reading

October 2022 Scripture Writing Plan -Rescue

October 2022 scripture writing header

Surprise! 🙂  I have the October, 2022 scripture writing plan ready for you early this month. After seeking the Lord about the theme for the scripture writing plan for October, 2022, I sensed He was putting the word, “RESCUE” in my spirit. He has been so faithful to me to … Continue reading

September 2022 Scripture Writing Plan -Steadfastness

September 2022 scripture writing plan header

The September scripture writing plan.  We had a death in the family and another just went on hospice.  Both aunts, both my mom’s sisters, and both (like my mom and their other siblings) it’s Alzheimer’s.  So I’m a bit late, but this is the topic the Lord has put on … Continue reading

August 2022 Scripture Writing Plan -God’s Presence

August 2022 Scripture Writing Plan Header

Hi everyone 🙂 This month I sought the Lord about what He would have me use as the topic for the August, 2022 Scripture writing plan and it seemed really strongly He would have me use the theme of His Presence. I think this is perfect for this day and … Continue reading

June 2022 Scripture Writing Plan -Spiritual Warfare

June 2022 scripture writing plan header

I’m so sorry I’m late with this scripture writing plan this month, apologies offered for sure!  I’ve been teaching myself how to can and dehydrate (with YouTube videos and Facebook groups) and have been canning a lot lately and that’s taken my attention of late and time got away from … Continue reading

January 2022 Scripture Writing Plan

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I’m so thankful that so many of you are enjoying and spiritually benefiting from these monthly scripture writing plans! I love putting them together for you knowing that you find them useful and uplifting! Use these passages to write out the scriptures and grow in the grace and knowledge … Continue reading

December 2021 Scripture Writing Plan -Christmas

December 2021 scripture writing plan

Wow did this month’s scripture writing plan get away from me!  I’m so sorry I’m getting this up at the very last minute! I’ll spare you the chit chat and edit this more later with text so I can get this to you asap 🙂           … Continue reading

November 2021 Scripture Writing Plan-Thankfulness

  Hello everyone 🙂  In full disclosure, this November 2021 scripture writing plan is a repeat of a few years ago as I’ve been running behind due to the recent passing of my mom. I think thankfulness should be revisited every year anyway though, don’t you? My mom went to be … Continue reading

October 2021 Scripture Writing Plan-Endurance

October 2021 Scripture Writing Plan header

Hello family, I hope you had a great September!  Here we have our October scripture writing plan. For those asking, I am feeling much better after my bout with Covid and Covid pneumonia.  I still get a little winded when doing some things, but I’m sure that will resolve itself … Continue reading

September 2021 Scripture Writing Plan – God’s Faithfulness

September 2021 scripture writing plan header

The theme for the September, 2021 scripture writing plan was really clear to me.  I’ve been through a lot this month and God’s faithfulness has been evident during every step. Like many others, my son and I developed Covid-19.  My son had a mild case of it  (praise Jesus), but … Continue reading