Weekend End of the Age Updates for 3/20/16

Weekend End of the Age Updates for 3-20-16 Calvary Couponers and Crafters

Hello family!  Every week we watch for what’s happening in world news events and review it through the lens of Bible prophecy as we watch the End of the Age Updates I share with us here on Sunday evenings. If you compare what’s going on in our headlines (and often through non-mainstream news sources) it’s very clear that the time is short in our expectation of the Lord Jesus’ return .  We are told multiple times in scripture to WATCH so we will be ready and that’s why I send this report out weekly.  Won’t you catch up with the updates with me?

Pastor J.D. Farag’s Mid-East Prophecy Update for 3/20/16:

The Hal Lindsey Report:

Jack Van Impe Presents:

Christ in Prophecy (David Reagan):”The Pre-Trib Rapture Under Attack”:

Prophecy in the News (Gary Stearman)with Doug Woodward: “The Last Trump” Doug Stauffer:

Prophecy Watchers (Gary Stearman):

With Bill Salus, “The NOW Prophecies, part 1”:

Part 2:

John Holler from Fellowship Bible Chapel, Columbus, Ohio:

Israeli News Live (Steven Ben DeNoon)-“Obama May Declare Martial Law for the Vatican”:

Steven’s Other Videos This Week:

The Real Reason Putin Abruptly Left Syria

Who is the Antichrist?

The Name of Israel to be Removed

SkyWatch TV: “Mystery Death of Former Putin Aide”

“The Green Gospel”,with Sheila Zilinsky:

Prophecy so Scary Even LA Marzulli Wanted to Avoid It (with Josh Tolley)


Paul McGuire, “#1 America Prophetic Future”:

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