Wishing You A Wonderful New Year’s Day


Like many of you, it’s past midnight now.  The ball has dropped and I’m here reflecting on 2013 and dreaming of how I want to improve things around me in 2014.  Have any of you made New Years resolutions? Or are you like many who have given up making them?  I always say I’m not going to make anymore, but then I always do 🙂  I’ll share with you just one of my resolutions (as many of us have private goals).  One of mine is to be a more confident blogger and stop comparing my blogging to that of every other blogger in the blogosphere and just do my best and let the Lord lead the blog where He wants it to go. This blog is still a baby, not even six months old, but it’s growing steadily and I hope stronger every day.  It can be overwhelming trying to figure out the direction I want it to go, the mold I want it to fit into and trying to make it unique and unlike others (not to mention keeping up with all the coupon deals I can find!).  I guess that is a goal I will continue striving towards 🙂

With that in mind, I once again bring you a devotion from Billy Graham’s “Hope for Each New Day”. I got this devotional for Christmas and love it and will be sharing some of it with you every now and then.

January 1 – Morning


“Consider your ways.” – Haggai 1:5

Making New Year’s resolutions and not keeping them is a universal experience.  We may be sincere when we make them, but then we find them too hard to keep, or perhaps we forget all about them.

Let me give you two reasons why it can be good to make resolutions at the beginning of a new year.  First, it forces us to look at ourselves –to be honest about our failures and our need to change.  Many New Year’s resolutions are unrealistic or only wishful thinking but the exercise of examining ourselves –with God’s help –and seeing where we fall short is important.

Second, making a list of resolutions can turn us to God.  If we are honest, we know we fall far short of being what we ought to be –and because of that, we need God’s forgiveness.  We’ll also realize that we can’t live the way we should in our own strength.  We need God’s help.

Begin this year by making resolutions –especially the resolution to open your heart and life to Jesus Christ more than you ever have before.

-”Hope for Each New Day; Morning & Evening Devotions”, by Billy Graham, page 4, January 1 Morning

For 2014, I could wish you many things, but the very best I could wish you is Jesus! And so I do!:

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