Beware “Missing Malaysian Airliner” Video Shared on Facebook! It’s Malicious!

So a trusted friend of mine shared a link on Facebook of a video that’s supposedly reporting about the missing Malaysian airliner being found. I have no doubt in my mind that my friend had no idea this was a malicious file he was sharing as it’s going all around Facebook.  DO NOT OPEN IT, DO NOT CLICK ON IT!

Fortunately, when I clicked on it and it wanted me to share it before I even viewed the video, I knew better than to share it and when I closed it, my firewall flashed a warning that  it was a malicious file and it had blocked it.  I’m thankful for my good sense along with the good firewall and my anti-virus program!

Here’s what it looks like and a video from NBC reporting about the scam!

missing malaysian airliner scam post

Read more about this SCAM on NBC News.COM!

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