Blog Under Re-Construction

My blog is under construction -dont mind the mess

My blog is under re-construction at the moment, so please overlook the mess 🙂  It’s a work in progress as I change some graphics and move some things around.  So if things look a bit wonky, check back and hopefully it will be worked through 🙂


I’m a little late, but wow! We had our FIRST BIRTHDAY!! Our very first blog post at Calvary Couponers on this domain was July 11th, 2013.  I kept thinking our actual birthday was July 9th (my birthday too), but after looking back, I see our real birthday was June 24th as that’s … Continue reading

Please Pray My Family Through this Last Hurdle/Vulnerability Time!

Hi There, this is me, your friendly Calvary Couponers blogger, Helen 🙂  As many of you probably have noticed, my blogging has slowed way down of late.  After some soul searching, I’ve decided to let you into the reason why with an end result of hoping I can get some … Continue reading

Working Behind the Scenes

Sorry for no coupons or deal postings the past few days 🙂 I’ve been here, but working behind the scenes. I’m STILL trying to get to the bottom of that blasted Internal Server Error! I finally heard back from my web host only enough to tell me to access the … Continue reading

Error Message – Waiting to Hear Back from Web Hosting Company

If you happen to get this error message when coming to my blog, just reload the page (see the red instructions on the graphic below). I’m having some issues with my web site and I’ve contacted my web hosting company and asked them to either fix the problems (which I … Continue reading

Coupon Database Down Temporarily (Probably Till Monday 3/3)

My apologies if anyone has tried to access our coupon database the past few days with difficulty.  It’s down for the moment.  It’s a billing glitch as my credit card that pays for the database once a month was closed by my bank and they issued me a new one … Continue reading

Regrouping and Moving Forward with Intention

 So if you hadn’t noticed, I haven’t blogged the past several days.  I did that intentionally.  I’ve gotten pretty overwhelmed in trying to find ways to blog faster and better/more thoroughly; and I’d gotten in a really bad habit of comparing myself to other coupon bloggers and this blog to … Continue reading

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Welcome to 2014!

I’d like to wish all of you a very Happy New Year in 2014 and a year full of health, happiness, and progress in the good things you endeavor. My blog is not quite 6 months old, but I plan to be here next year to wish you the very … Continue reading

I’d Love Your Ideas and Input for the Blog in 2014!

I’m spending this next week reflecting on what I want this blog to be in 2014. The blog is still in the baby stages, having just begun this past July and we already have some great followers and readers and visitors. You’ve been a blessing to us! I’d LOVE it … Continue reading

Hoping You Had a Wonderful Christmas!

I’m thinking of you, my readers, today and hoping you all had a very Merry Christmas!  I always go overboard and throw my heart into preparations, and this year was no different 😉 I got behind in my blog posts, however, I’m hoping most of you are spending time with … Continue reading