Check Out Living Tree to Improve Parent/Teacher Communication!

Living Tree

What a helpful tool!  Organize your life and communications with Living Tree!

A great resource! My son Evan’s school needs this too! I always look for notes home from his teacher and/or aid,etc. and this year the notebook is a lot skimpier than it has been in the past. Evan is non-verbal (with autism) and he can’t tell me how his day went, so I depend on notes in a notebook between the staff and myself. Living Tree would be a great help to improve that!

LivingTree connects the people who raise and develop our children.

LivingTree is a safe and secure hub that brings the most important people in a child’s life together. Parents use LivingTree to organize and share the details of their children’s lives. Teachers use LivingTree to communicate and coordinate more effectively with the parents in their class. Sign up for LivingTree and you can:

  • Coordinate a shared calendar
  • Share photos and files with friends and family
  • Message directly with parents and teachers
  • Manage volunteers and sign ups
  • Connect on Web and the Mobile App for Android & iOS

Take a look at Living Tree HERE!

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