Christmas Baking Post-a-Thon Day 30: COLORFUL SPIRAL COOKIES

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spiral sprinkle cookies

(photo picture and recipe credit: Sprinkle Bakes)

I made these last year and they’re really good, but also just so colorful and pretty and they dress up a plate of cookies to give friends and family so well! How festive!

You could easily put the unused portion in the freezer for later.

2 cups unsifted cake flour

½ teaspoon baking powder

¼ teaspoon salt

⅔ cup unsifted powdered sugar

¼ cup granulated sugar

2½ sticks unsalted butter

1 teaspoon vanilla

½ teaspoon strawberry(or other)extract

½ teaspoon(or more)Rose food coloring

2 tablespoon unsifted cake flour

1½ cups multi-colored nonpareil decors

I won’t go much into preparation here, because that’s all in the recipe, but here are some pictures to give you an idea of the process.

I wanted to make my dough even on all sides, so I trimmed some away to make an even roll.

I used Wilton’s rose gel food coloring.  I like gel coloring for this because it doesn’t add much moisture to the dough. You can use any kind of extract for flavoring.  I used Strawberry, and the whole house smelled like baked strawberry shortcake.  Very yummy!

You’ll then encrust the dough with jumbo (or other) sprinkles.  I cut my roll in half, and rolled one half in smaller sprinkles.

The jumbo sprinkles I used are from Wilton. They are fruit-flavored and very tasty, but there are other sprinkles you could use – just think of the variations!  Crushed pistachio nuts with a green-pistachio spiral, or crushed oreos with a chocolate spiral.  I can’t wait to try them all!

I have reviewed this recipe, and cannot recommend another method other than making it in the food processor.  Making it in the Kitchenaid was problematic and I ended up with a poorly rolled, tough cookie. The cookie itself is a French sable/shortbready-tasting cookie.  It’s subtly sweet, so if you are a fan of drop cookies with lots of sweetness and chocolate chips etc., then this may not be the cookie for you.


cake flour:  (If you know of a coupon, let me know)

baking powder:  $0.50/1 Clabber Girl Baking Powder (Kroger Digital Coupon), $0.90/2 Karo Syrup, Argo Baking Powder, Corn Starch or Fleischmann’s Yeast Product, exp. 11/27/13 (RP 10/06/13 R

salt:  $0.40/1 Diamond Crystal Salt (SavingStar Deposit) $0.50/1 Diamond Crystal Sea Salt printable

powdered sugar:  0.75/1 Dixie Crystals Product printable$0.75/1 Imperial Sugar Product printable$0.75/1 Dixie Granulated, Poly Light Brown, Dark Brown, Powdered, Redi-Measure Light Brown printable

granulated sugar:  $0.75/1 Dixie Crystals Product printable$0.75/1 Imperial Sugar Product printable$0.75/2 C&H Sugar Product printable$0.75/2 Domino Sugar Product printable

unsalted butter:  $1/1 Challenge Butter Product printable$0.75/1 Smart Balance Spreadable Butter & Blended Butter Sticks printable

vanilla:  $1/1 Simply Organic Vanilla printable$0.55/1 Spice Islands Vanilla Extract (Publix Winter Family Savings Printable)

strawberry(or other)extract: $1.75/2 McCormick Extract, exp. 12/31/13 (RP 11/17/13), $1/1 Sauer’s Spice, Extract or Food Color, exp. 12/8/13 (SS 11/10/13 R)

Rose food coloring:  $1/1 Sauer’s Spice, Extract or Food Color, exp. 12/8/13 (SS 11/10/13 R)

multi-colored nonpareil decors: (if you know of a coupon, let me know!)

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