Christmas Baking Post-a-Thon Day 35: Rock Candy / Sea Glass Candy!

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Mothers and grandmothers from way way back have been making this next goody for generations.  Some  call it rock candy, some call it sea glass, but irregardless, we’ll call it yummy 🙂


rock candy - calvarycouponers dot comI recommend using Lorann candy flavoring oils for this recipe. You can also use regular extracts but you will need to add slightly more, as they are not as concentrated as traditional candy oils.

This recipe calls for a candy thermometer. If you do not have one, you can still make this simple hard candy using the cold water test to monitor the temperatures. Be careful, I speak from experience when I say sugar syrup burns are no fun.

Rock Candy / Sea Glass Candy:

(yields roughly 3/4 lb of candy)
210 grams (1 cup) sugar
140 grams ( 1/3 cup) light corn syrup
85 grams (6 tablespoons) water
food coloring
1/2-1 teaspoon flavoring oil (depending on how strong you like the flavor)

non-stick cooking spray
powdered sugar for dusting

Lightly spray a small metal pan with non-stick spray. I’m using quarter sheet pans for my candy, however a 9×9″ pan will work just fine. I don’t recommend using ceramic or glass pans/casseroles because we’ll be hitting the candy with a mallet later and well… you don’t want real glass in your sea glass candy.

In a small non-stick sauce pan, weigh out the sugar, water and corn syrup and place over medium heat. Stir until the sugar dissolves. When it begins to simmer, wash down the sides of the pan with a damp pastry brush, attach your candy thermometer and sit back and watch. Just watch, no stirring.

When the mixture hits the 250°F range, go ahead and add your food colorings. I use gel coloring but regular colorings should work fine. Again, don’t stir. The bubbling action will distribute the color for you. In fact, watching it spread is one of the more entertaining aspects of staring at a boiling pot of sugar for 10 minutes.

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