Facebook Friend Problem Reminder…

REMINDER: Faebook isn’t letting me access my Calvary Couponers Facebook page (I’m doing this from my personal account on the Calvary Couponers FAN page…) so until I can get access back, I can’t friend anyone 🙁  It thinks I’m “not a human” and even though I entered the correct password and did the right captcha image thing, it’s giving me a number of pictures posted by FB friends and telling me to match the photos up to the friends. Most of them are pictures of their pets, or children or a car or whatever, so how CAN I say who is in what picture?? UGHH. I keep trying, hoping one day I’ll get a group of pictures I CAN match up. Don’t give up on me! Please “like” the Calvary Couponers fan page in the meantime… Thanks!!

This is what happens:

FB Problem 01FB Problem 02FB Probem 04FB Probem 05

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