My Hauls for Yesterday, 9/4 – Combined Giant Eagle & Acme

I think I did pretty well today 🙂 I just finished making a spreadsheet I hope will be really helpful in the future and it shows I saved 78% between the two stores, Giant Eagle and Acme!  This is a collage of pictures I took because when we got home from shopping I had to rush my little guy into the tub because he’d gotten sick while we were out (projectile vomiting over and over…not fun…) and my husband put the groceries away while I got my son cleaned up. (I could swear I got 12 Wet & Wilds instead of 8, so if they are still in the car, those being free will raise the percentage saved to closer to 80 probably). So here in picture form is the breakdown:

Savings Sept 2013 Week 01b















Here’s a screenshot of my new spreadsheet.  It started out as a spreadsheet I found online way back when I started couponing, but I reworked it and added a few more columns and info I thought would help me see my savings a little better.

Savings Sept 2013 Week 01So I used 62 coupons 🙂  The total before coupons and sales (and tax as well) was $170.20. I paid just $37.02 out of pocket (plus tax), and saved $133.18! Yayy!

The wet and wild products and the Colgate toothpaste worked out to be FREE with a few cents left over to go towards tax.  That gives me a couponing high 🙂

My husband picked up a few things with no coupons, but they were store brands and still didn’t come to much. Next time I’ll include them in the haul, but getting my little guy cleaned up and put to bed was more important than working the extra details out this time around 🙂

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