November 2021 Scripture Writing Plan-Thankfulness

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Hello everyone 🙂  In full disclosure, this November 2021 scripture writing plan is a repeat of a few years ago as I’ve been running behind due to the recent passing of my mom. I think thankfulness should be revisited every year anyway though, don’t you?

My mom went to be with the Lord on October 15th. Her funeral was this past Friday…

A more righteous, loving, Godly woman would be hard to find.  I’ll post more about that later in my Ponderings of my Predicaments section I hope to pick back up.  It’s still too raw for me to pour my heart out about at the moment :'(

It’s only been two years since my husband passed and even though I know they both received Christ’s gift of salvation, losing them both so close together has been very difficult for me.

I had a good plan for posting on a 2-3 times per week schedule ,but with mom’s passing (Alzheimer’s) that put a damper on that, of course.  I have been creating and listing a LOT in my Etsy shop for you, prior to mom’s passing, and have been creating a lot to distract myself in staying busy since.

So, I know you will understand if I get right to it.  Here is our November, 2021 scripture writing plan.


I’m so thankful that so many of you are enjoying and spiritually benefiting from these monthly scripture writing plans! I love putting them together for you knowing that you find them useful and uplifting! Use these passages to write out the scriptures and grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! Click on the image below to pull up the full-sized PDF file for printing –>

Click here for the full size pdf version of the November 2021 scripture writing plan

I usually print these out on 28 pound white paper (or 32 pound paper is even better) and just stick them right into my planner or journal. The heavier the paper, the less chance it will tear out of your binder or planner by accident and helps resist bleeding or ghosting from your pens or markers. It helps the page turn easier too.

For planner stickers, etc:  If you choose to print these out on full-size (letter) sticker paperI use these here. They’re priced great and you can write on them easily. They are good enough quality for my needs. If you want a top-quality sticker paper look for these or clear vinyl ones here. (Though not all pens or markers will write well on the clear ones).

If you don’t want to use sticker paper, you can print them on card stock or regular printer paper and glue them down. Honestly, the sticker paper is the most economical  way, however for everyday planning stickers. Regardless of the type.

Going through a lot of ink printing out planner stickers? Do like I did and enlist in the HP Instant Ink program! I’ve saved so much money on ink since I did several years ago. They have different plans, but the one I’m in is the plan that lets me print up to 300 pages worth of ink for just over $11 per month. That’s regardless of the amount of ink on the page.

I love printing out pictures on photo paper.  I fit 4 4×6-inch photos on one sheet of photo paper.  Imagine the amount of photos you can print at four pages per one page and the cost is the same for a full page of photo ink as it is for one dot.  It goes by the page, not the amount of ink!  You can choose lesser pages for a lower rate, but I do a lot of printing between coupons, planner stickers and other things. Click on the image here to check it out! –>

HP Instant Ink


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