Prayer Requests

Please forgive my being awol the past few days. I don’t often do this here on my blog, but I need your prayers…
Mostly my mom is in the hospital with pneumonia 🙁  She is the most loving, giving, self-sacrificing woman on the planet, in my opinion. She loves her family and her Lord dearly. My mom deserves the very best. Please pray for healing for her…I’m so worried 🙁
I wish I could be there with her. We visited her night before last (she seemed well other than a nagging cough that was supposedly a side effect from a medication) and she lives an hour away from us.  We were almost home (about 4 miles away and still on the highway about to get on the exit ramp when our car died and we had to have it towed home. I suspect the fuel pump…I hope that’s all it is, its a 13 year old car.
Please pray that my mom pulls through this well (she is 77) and that our car is fixable so I can go back to be with her.
I hope to get some more posted for you tomorrow, so don’t give up on me 🙂
Still in His grip,

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