Weekend End of the Age Update for 1/24/16

 Weekend End of the Age Updates Calvary Couponers

Bible prophecy is a big passion of mine and as there are so many great teachers sharing input on how the world is catching up with Bible prophecy, I’m aware that many of you don’t know where to look to find out how our world news is lining up with what the Bible says will happen in these last days.  In light of that, I am doing a weekly post filled with end times updates from various sources I find trustworthy. I hope you enjoy viewing them and comparing how what they share lines up with your Bible.

On to our  weekly update round up!

This first one is my favorite! Pastor JD is consistently good at his weekly Mid-East Prophecy Updates. Definitely one to bookmark to view weekly!

Hal Lindsey -My husband and I have watch him on TV for years. He’s awesome:

Jack Van Impe Presents:

Prophecy Watchers (Gary Stearman -also Prophecy in the News):

Another Prophecy Watchers video. They are often daily, so I will choose a few from recent videos. You can see the others on their YouTube channels:

Prophecy in the News:

John Haller of Fellowship Bible Chapel (Columbus, Ohio):

That’s it for the weekly updates.  I’ll be adding more as I find them.  However, here are some recent videos related to Bible prophecy:

Skip Heitzig from Calvary Albuquerque:

Israeli News Live:


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