A New Sister Blog Run in Tandem with Calvary Couponers!

I’m a little slower posting than usual because for the last 3-4 days I’ve been building a sister blog I hope to run in tandem with Calvary Couponers 🙂  Actually, one of my BFFs Morado and I will be running the new blog together. Morado is really talented with crafting and digital design, so I won’t be alone working that blog 😉  She’s a southern belle with the personality to match, so you’ll love reading her posts 🙂  I’m still in the process of building it, so there are pages and things that won’t work yet (it’s a TON of work building a blog, let me tell ya) 🙂 But it’s getting there…

So what’s it called?  Well I’m SO glad you asked 🙂 It’s called Make It Frugal…Creating for Le$$

Make it Frugal Header to share

First of all, Calvary Couponers is staying right where it is!  Make it Frugal is produced out of a need for saving in many other areas than a typical coupon blog reader is looking for. We plan to run it in tandem with Calvary Couponers.  You may see a few posts here and there that are on both sites, but that’s because we expect to have a set of readers on one blog we don’t have on the other.

It’s also going to be a place to share crafting, DIY, cooking and creative lifestyle ideas we and our readers come up with.  The key here is to share ideas for doing anything creative with a tight budget in mind.  We have a Facebook group, a Facebook page, and we are affiliated with a few other blogs and Facebook groups as well .

The idea behind this blog is this:  Morado and I moderate three couponing facebook groups and there are often questions and concerns about how to save money in other areas other than grocery shopping.  Morado and I are both really crafty women who love to cook and bake as well.  This blog is the product of the need for a non-grocery savings site and a place to share our craft, cooking, DIY, and lifestyle ideas and ways to save money on those ideas.


I hope you follow us at Make It Frugal as well as Calvary Couponers and share YOUR ideas with us so we can pass it on to all of you!  Please “like” our Facebook page and follow along.

(Helen is the web master for  CalvaryCouponers.com and ShadesofSafhire.blogspot.com, and Morado is the web master for LittleBitsofLilac.blogspot.com)

I hope to see you there 🙂

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