Ponderings of My Predicaments – My Coupon Hiatus

Ponderings of My Predicaments - the great yellow jacket escape

So I moderate three Facebook groups for couponing.  I bet you didn’t realize that as I haven’t been posting much in the line of coupons for a while now. Why the hiatus?  It began with being overwhelmed by all the scams and negativity in the Facebook coupon groups.  I was … Continue reading

Site Crashing Should Be Fixed!

It's Fixed

UPDATE 11/2/17:  It really SHOULD be fixed now! Arghh! 🙂 After a week of trying to figure it out on my own and giving up, I paid my web host to migrate my two blogs so it would be done right. Then after they told me that both were ready … Continue reading

Blog Under Re-Construction

My blog is under construction -dont mind the mess

My blog is under re-construction at the moment, so please overlook the mess 🙂  It’s a work in progress as I change some graphics and move some things around.  So if things look a bit wonky, check back and hopefully it will be worked through 🙂

Blog Maintenance – Please Bear With Me

I’m doing some maintenance on the blog today so if it looks a little odd today, please bear with me 🙂  I’ve been putting off updating the theme because it always messes the header up, and that’s what happened.  I’m working on correcting it and hopefully it will be back … Continue reading

Off Hiatus! We’re Back After a LONG Hiatus

After a long hiatus and way too much life drama, we’re back off hiatus!  There is so much to do, but we’ll be easing into it as most of us are the new year we find ourselves in 🙂 There are almost 8,000 comments waiting to go through and from … Continue reading


I’m a little late, but wow! We had our FIRST BIRTHDAY!! Our very first blog post at Calvary Couponers on this domain was July 11th, 2013.  I kept thinking our actual birthday was July 9th (my birthday too), but after looking back, I see our real birthday was June 24th as that’s … Continue reading

Prayers Appreciated!

I’ve been away from my blog the past few weeks as real life has gotten in the way.  There was a huge medical emergency involving my husband and his medication and he was in the hospital for several days.  It was a very scary time.  He’s having knee replacement surgery … Continue reading

Please Pray My Family Through this Last Hurdle/Vulnerability Time!

Hi There, this is me, your friendly Calvary Couponers blogger, Helen 🙂  As many of you probably have noticed, my blogging has slowed way down of late.  After some soul searching, I’ve decided to let you into the reason why with an end result of hoping I can get some … Continue reading