Crest 3D White Toothpaste: USE WITH CAUTION!

Crest3D White CautionI’m sharing this caution because after a little investigation on it turns out to be true!

Here’s the info about it on Snopes.

Here is the information someone shared on Facebook about what happened to her regarding this toothpaste:

“Anybody use this toothpaste? If so, THROW IT AWAY! I went to the dentist today to have my teeth cleaned and during my cleaning I was asked if I use Crest 3D whitening. I said I did and asked how she could tell. Apparently, dentist are finding the little blue balls in the toothpaste stuck in patience gums! I can vouch she found 4 stuck in my gums, all of which she was able to remove and I saw with my own eyes. However, I googled it and there are pictures showing someone who had numerous ones that were actually embedded in their gums! The capsules are made of plastic so they don’t bust like you would think (as hand sanitizer does). They really serve no purpose..Do they think they exfoliate the teeth? Don’t get thank you, I will switch back to my Crest Tarter Protection in the Fresh mint gel..and it’s cheaper!”

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