Happy Birthday Calvary Couponers

I’m a little late, but wow! We had our FIRST BIRTHDAY!!

Our very first blog post at Calvary Couponers on this domain was July 11th, 2013.  I kept thinking our actual birthday was July 9th (my birthday too), but after looking back, I see our real birthday was June 24th as that’s the day I founded the first (Blogger) page, then decided to move it here and started setting things up here.  Well I’ll make note of it for next year! Better late than never 🙂

I’ve had a LOT going on in my family and had to take a hiatus, but I’m not planning on going anywhere permanently.  (I need to pray for a blogging partner who can take the reins when real life starts beating up on me…).

Maybe next year if we’re still here (God willing), we can do something special for a second birthday celebration.  A giveaway or something 🙂

Thanks for reading Calvary Couponers and printing your coupons here.  I have plans to add some new features soon.  I’m more than likely going to start adding a regular Giant Eagle weekly matchups post, so watch for that soon!

Help me celebrate our birthday here by sharing our blog posts with your friends!  Thanks!

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