Scripture Writing Plan for October, 2017

When contemplating what theme to use for this month, it just seemed like a given that freedom from fear would be the plan.  October being the month that most of the world celebrates Halloween and trying to scare their friends and others. The whole trick or treat aspect of the holiday seems to bring more and more terror every year.  When I was a child, we dressed as clowns, princesses, hobos…anything but the blood-dripping masks that seems so popular these days.

You get the idea.  I think the Lord would have us counteract that evil with the truth from His Word, that His plan for us is absolutely not fear and a Christian should remind the world of that fact.  It’s said that the phrase, “Do not fear”, is in the Bible 365 times (once per day for those of the Western calendar).  Let us try to memorize some of these passages as we write them throughout the month the world seems to celebrate fear!

Click on the image below to pull up the full-sized PDF file for printing.  I’d love to hear how it’s going for you or your group and if you glean from these scripture writing posts!

October 2017 Scripture Writing Plan

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