Woohoo!! I’m Back! (The team at GoDaddy Rocks!)

technical difficultiesWoohoo!! Kudos to the team at GoDaddy.com for fixing my blog problem! I’m back in business! Just spent about an hour on the phone with them (the tech I spoke with…his wife is an extreme couponer too lol…I wish I remembered his name). Kudos to the other tech handling my problem via chat with the tech I was on the phone with too. Kudos to Wesley! I haven’t been able to access the admin dashboard for my blog to post any new blog posts for almost a week now!

Yayy!!! Thanks so much, guys!!

So you know how I’ve been having this Internal Server Error issue on my blog? Well I tried to get it under control myself by installing a security plugin on my blog. The problem is, the security plugin locked ME out. The team at GoDaddy had to go in and work their magic and de-activate that plugin and give me access again, and now here I am back.  Now I need to remove some of my other plugins that will hopefully solve the original Internal Server error.  I told ya I was working on it! I do my own blog building, unlike many bloggers, so with me it’s live and learn 🙂 Maybe one day I’ll be rich and can pay someone to keep the blog’s technical part up to snuff FOR me and I can just blog away 🙂  But for now…it’s me, myself, and I (and an occasional support call to GoDaddy) 🙂

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