My Mom and I – Thankful to Spend Thanksgiving With Her – Thank You For Your Prayers for Her!

This is my mom and I (I’m on the right) yesterday on Thanksgiving. I’m SO SO thankful to have been able to spend Thanksgiving with my mom this year! We came so very close to losing her recently! That was WAY too close for comfort! (This picture was taken with my cell phone, so it’s not perfect…a little blurry, sorry!) I love it though, because I love my mom!
Helen and Mom

Thank you to all of those who prayed for my mom! For those who didn’t know, my mom went into the hospital ER last month and was diagnosed with pneumonia. They admitted her for pneumonia and after running routine blood tests, they found that her white blood cell count was way way too high. A wise doctor decided to do an MRI on her chest and stomach (thank you SO much, Lord, for this wise doctor!). After those results came back, it was found that mom had a very bad, vary large gall bladder that needed removed ASAP. That surgery was performed and once it was removed, the gall bladder was found to have GANGRENE in it!!! What a scary and trying time for my family and I and clearly mostly for my mom! She recovered at my sister’s house for a while and is finally home now. I’m so grateful that the Lord put wise doctors and surgeons in my mom’s path to care for her. My mom is the BEST and is such a wonderful, Godly woman who has sacrificed a lot for her family and deserve the very best. Please pray that she continues to recover well! Thanks!

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